From Old Dreams to Something New

From Old Dreams to Something New.


As you all know we purchased a new building on April 4, 2016. This building would house all of our business’, screen printing, embroidery, boutique, and our newest adventure The Twist.

 When we moved into the new building, apparel came first. Offices and Warehouse were set up and ready to go. However, the front was EMPTY! By empty I mean there were no walls, no electricity, plumbing, nothing! So we had to build.

 I would be lying if I said moving the boutique to the edge of town, out of everyone’s way didn’t terrify the ever living out of me. We were going from one of the busiest shopping centers to the complete opposite side of town. I was so fearful that we would be lucky to see one customer a week come through those doors. BUT when it comes to business, the only smart move was to have everything under one roof.

 This space was so big though we all knew there was absolutely no way we could fill that with complete boutique inventory. We drew up several different plans, tossed around many ideas, and we would find a negative in everything. Overall though we all agreed we had to add something that gave people a reason to drive out here; give them a different experience.

 Then it clicked. We were bringing back a several year old, very forgotten dream.

(so let’s go back down memory lane).

 My family is obsessed with Tennessee. If we could have a second home that’s for sure where it would be. In fact, we loved Tennessee so much we almost put a store in Nashville. Yep, that’s right there was almost a Twisted J part 2 and until now I’ve never really talked about this.

 We loved Nashville. The culture, upbeat vibe, music, lifestyle, fashion, it was something different and exciting for us.

 We lined up a real estate agent, had a manager in place, contacted all of our fashion reps, and before we knew it we were on a plane to Nashville. We literally got off the plane and climbed in the car with the real estate agent. We were fully prepared and willing to sign a contract on a building that day. I can even remember looking up apartments to move half way across the country to get this thing started.

 We drove around all day, literally all day.

 We did not look at one piece of property that day. Not one.

We spent the entire day being given tours of already existing boutiques, in all areas of Nashville.

 We did not sign a contract that day.

I will have to say this was probably one of the most disappointing times for me since Twisted J started. I felt like we had hit a brick wall, I felt defeated. It was the worst feeling in the world.

 ((Fast forward back to 2016.))

We were sitting in the board room late at night still throwing crazy ideas around. Again, this is when it clicked. Let’s bring our forgotten Nashville dream to our hometown of Stephenville, Texas.

 One of the coolest things about Nashville, is almost any place you walk into has a stage built in. There’s live music everywhere, of people hoping to be spotted by someone that can take them somewhere. But its cool, it gives everyplace a little bit more of an experience.

 So let’s build a live music venue with a full service bar. BUT, how do we get musicians in? Instantly Dad calls on his long time friend, Jody Lee Caudle. Late at night, Jody Lee drives up to our offices to hear our crazy idea. By the end of the night Jody Lee had agreed to move his Radio Station, Texas Home Grown Radio, to his new studios in the front of Twisted J.

 We all knew this was something Stephenville needed and it had to happen fast so we could be open for Holiday shopping. Within less than 12 hours, we had contractors creating plans for the front.

On September 17, 2016 we opened our doors to the new Twisted J Boutique, new studios of Texas Home Grown Radio, and our conjoined new adventure of The Twist.

The Twist is literally a place you can just hang out. Let the ladies shop, everyone can grab a drink and listen to some music. You can watch Jody Lee and his crew LIVE on the radio. Yep, we have it set up where you can literally watch him interview artists from all over, and most of time they’ll even sing for you LIVE on the radio. What’s one of the coolest parts? They all stay and hang out. They get done with their set or radio interview, and go grab a drink and chill with our customers.

 Musicians aren’t the only ones being spotted hanging around The Twist. We have famous cowboys and cowgirls, Dakota Kirchenschlager, Russell Cardoza, Caesar De La Cruz, Marty Yates, Turtle & Molly Powell are just a few. We have even had TV stars stopping in. Luke Pell from The Bachelor has been spotted hanging around at Twisted J.

We have people fly in from all over the world to see the new venue. Which adds more excitement for artists, cowboys & cowgirls, and more to be spotted by someone who can really take them far in their career. Twisted J and Texas Home Grown Radio are proud to be part of everyone’s early career and helping them go after their dreams.

 As for the boutique; moving out here was hands down the best business decision we have ever made. I guess sometimes it’s not always location but the experience and service you give your customers. I’m so thankful the boutique saw a whole new light in this location and has done above and beyond what I expected.

I’ll leave you with this; never give up on your dreams. There will be times where you are going to feel defeated and want to give it all up. But don’t. Everything happens for a reason. As cliché as that may sound, I’m a firm believer in it. When I felt defeated from Nashville, it was November 2013. 2014 was when we started our Apparel company. (read last weeks’ blog to see how that worked out). If Nashville had worked out we would have been too busy to start the Apparel, and The Twist probably would not have happened. It took a little while to see it, but God had everything perfectly laid out for us.

Next week, I’m going to discuss competition of Boutiques and how to deal with it in a small town. Until then, SHOP 24/7 online @


Much Love,

Bayli Johnson

 P.S. I am for sure not a professional writer, so don’t judge =).

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