New Year, New House...Hopefully!

So, we are 5 days into 2018—hope everyone had a Happy New Year!  There’s always a sense of excitement at the beginning of a new year, all the possibilities laid out sparkling before us…you know the drill.   Personally, my family is getting ready to wrap up one of the most challenging projects we have ever undertaken…we’ve built a new house!  Or at least, we’re in the process of building a new house.  I’m sure almost everyone who has done this before would agree with me that it is NOT for the faint of heart.  I’d always heard that from friends and family who went through it, but never fully believed it.  They would say, “If your marriage can survive building a house it can survive anything!”.  And, “If you still want to live together after building a house you’ve got it made!”  And I would just think to myself, “Oh come on now, how bad can it really be?”   Add to that the fact that our contractors are really good friends of ours along with their families, and you have a whole new degree of difficulty.

Of course, we wanted to build the new house in the same spot the old one was in.  So not only did that set off the spectacularly emotional process of sifting through, and either storing or dumping, 40+ years of Johnson family memories, but it also required that Cody, Clay and I find somewhere else to live.  Which has ended up being a small single wide that we moved in across the road, with closets big enough for only Cody and Clay’s clothes.  My clothes live on rolling racks scattered throughout the rooms, and Cody and I went from sharing a small bathroom with two sinks in the old house, to sharing a smaller one with only one sink.  Which is traumatic enough that I can’t even talk about it.

So here we are, 6 months into the construction process, the prospective finish date of the end of January looming, and we’re almost done….well, not exactly.  It seems like we have made a thousand decisions on every little thing from paint colors to tile to flooring to light fixtures, but somehow there’s always one more thing that has to be decided at the last minute.  Like, it has to be done today and taking a minute to make sure you get it right is unheard of.  And the huge changes I expected to see when we got back from two weeks in Vegas were quite a bit less impressive than I’d pictured.  Because, it rained several days in a row which slowed down the dry wall, then it was too cold for the paint to set right, then the holidays... and the painters are waiting on the cabinet guy, whose waiting on the electric guy, whose backed up from the ice storm…#@*^#!   And none of them seem to understand that I’m SHARING A BATHROOM SINK WITH MY HUSBAND….!

Moral of the story is….when taking on a project of this magnitude, it is for sure necessary to temper your excitement with massive amounts of patience.  And when it comes to deadlines and punctuality, keep your expectations low...or non-existent.  And tell yourself something you love about your spouse every chance you get, then tell your spouse.   It’s still definitely not for the faint of heart, but because it is the beginning of a new year, I’m hopeful.  Hopeful the house will be finished if not by the anticipated date, then shortly after.  Hopeful that Cody and I don’t kill each other before the process is done…because let’s be honest that would be simpler at this point than a divorce. Hopeful...

So, I will remind myself how beautiful the house will be when it’s finally done, then remind myself how much I love my husband, take a breath, and reboot.  And clean the sink again.

Here’s to 2018 being everything we want it to be!


  • Whitney

    ? so exciting! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leah

    Congrats! So excited for you and your family.

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