As everyone around the world is experiencing change and the unknown-so are we. The past year and a half has been a roller coaster of emotions, what ifs, and many decisions that we never thought we would have to make. If I’ve learned anything though, change is ok, everything is going to be ok, and as always everything happens for a reason. Some days I’m  stressed to the max and other days I’m looking at it all as a fresh start.

Obviously if you haven’t noticed we're making some major changes around Twisted J. Honestly though, when are we not constantly changing something? Growth is fun, stressful, but fun! As we are coming up on 5 years at this location for our boutique, 11 years total-we have decided to close our boutique storefront, only temporarily for a few months. I honestly never thought I would say those words, but here we are! If anyone knows me personally you know the boutique is my baby, my heart and soul- I think the only reason I’m not sitting here crying my eyes out yet is we’re working on a fun new project that I think you all are going to love-and I mean LOVE.

When we first started- Facebook for business barely existed, online shopping was minimal, heck even boutiques were minimal. But as stated before, change happens, and you have to be willing to change with the times even if it's not what you originally imagined for your plan. We’ve made many changes over the past 11 years and will continue to make 100+ more as time goes on. This just is just the next step in our adventure and our dream of this crazy thing we call Twisted J.

This photo shows an empty store. But a store that is full of memories, friendships made, broken ankles, many tears, and even more laughter. As sad as an empty store looks and realizing this chapter has closed- I’m looking at it as a glass half full situation or should we say a store half full situation. To all of my past boutique employees, thank you for giving us your everything, thank you for loving this place as much as we do, thank you for letting us be part of your lives in Stephenville. To all of our customers that have shopped here, thank you for always being so loyal, thank you for supporting our small business, thank you for loving us!

We can’t wait for you all to see what we are working on for the future of the boutique- we promise it will be worth the wait. No one freak out completely yet, we are relaunching our website in full force with lots of new headed your will go live Monday, October 4.  For all of our local shoppers we will have Stephenville pick up available- Monday-Friday from 9-4. We have our spot as usual for the NFR, and I have all of the glitter, heels, and tees ready to be packed up for VEGAS! Also if you’ve never tried our Food Joint in the bar we highly recommend the food- we also sell Twisted J merch in there and will be expanding it drastically as we make this change-the bar is open 7 days a week!


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