We're bringing back your favorite Twisted J tees of all time and I'm here to give you all the details of what you need to know!
Quick recap we started our boutique in 2010, and started printing our own tees in 2014! 11 YEARS we have been in business- 11 YEARS!! Last year we had all of these insane plans for our 10 year birthday from parties, giveaways, new stuff and everything in between- obviously hello there was a pandemic and that shut us down real quick! Honestly between all of our businesses we're probably seeing more affect from COVID this year than we did last year- Some of our products are already backordered until January 2022! Holy Moly!
Anyways, Its summer and we wanted to bring back a little fun to everyone and give you all something to look forward to! So if you haven't caught on yet we're bringing back your favorite tees! There's tees from way back when that we still get asked to print allllll of the time-now's your chance to grab them while you can! Maybe we should create our own "Twisted J Tee Vault", only open it every 10 years to bring out the classics!
Every Tuesday at 11am we're going to launch new weekly "BRING BACK MY TEES". Every week will be new designs from the past, and honestly probably every week will be a random number of tees that get put out. Originally when we were planning this I thought we "might" put out 2 a couple weeks instead of just 1- but then I got to going through all of the old designs and honestly couldn't narrow it down. So launch week, June 1 instead of the original 3 designs we've now decided we're launching 6 designs! Yes 6 designs! All summer long will consist of our best sellers but these 6 were some of our greatest of all times! Some of these tees will stay the exact same from the design colors to the tees they're on, some we've changed the colors up a little to make them even better than before.
Moral of this blog, go to the website every Tuesday at 11am and buy every tee you possibly can! This will only last through the summer so grab them while you can!
Oh but wait-there's more! Of course there is, there's always more! You're hearing it first because you actually read my blog so you'll be ahead of the game! We are going to have a giveaway and {1) lucky winner their choice of a free tee every week! That totals 13 tees at a value of $325 before tax! We will be posting the giveaway on Facebook & Instagram Tuesday when we launch our first set of tees for the summer! So be ready- who knows maybe we will even choose more than one winner!
Bayli Johnson
My official blog disclaimer + I am nowhere near a professional writer nor am I trying to be! I'm also probably the worst speller that ever walked through these doors! So here I am writing to you just as if I was texting my best friends- no filter, not professional, & completely honest- but with love and that's all that matters.


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  • Holly Johnson: June 11, 2021
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    Can you bring back the one that says you may all go the hell and I will go shopping Mrs. davey crocket it was my favorite shirt and I got epoxy on it and ruined it

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