What are we all about?


There is so much going on at Twisted J, it stands to reason that the golden question is What is Twisted J?


So, let’s go on a little ((quick)) tour of our Twisted J History from my view.


I moved off to college in 2010. That’s when my little sister let me know that Mom had this grand idea to go into the Boutique business. The doors to “Rock Your Soul” would open on February 7, 2011 with a boutique in the front and a salon in the back. This location was super tiny, and more or less off the beaten path. Pretty much, you HAD to know about us to find us.


Rock Your Soul became my weekend job, and Lord did I love it. My whole family did.


We were extremely lucky to get our business on Facebook at the beginning. With the growth of online sales and the word slowly but surely getting out, we knew super quickly the boutique had expanded beyond our dreams and we had out grown our little building.


In March of 2012 we bought out another local boutique and moved both stores to a location in the main shopping center of Stephenville, TX. We opened May 5th, 2012 under the new name Twisted J.


Twisted J came from our family ranch name. (Our ranch is about 20 miles out of Stephenville and is home to our Horse & Cattle Operation. It also is where we all have called home for the past 50 years. Every year cowboys and cowgirls from all over also call Twisted J Ranch their winter home, we really are all one big family.) We felt everything we were a part of needed to all be connected. We truly care and are proud of our family name and wanted the world to be part of it too.


Fast forward to 2014. My Dad had always wanted his own line of clothing for Twisted J. Which led us to our next adventure Apparel by Twisted J. With this we put out T Shirts twice a year to other stores and our online customers. We soon learned if wanted to really go after this, we had to purchase our own machines.


Late 2014 we bought a warehouse in the middle of town, and by June of 2015 we had both top of the line Embroidery & Screen Printing machines. Since we were only producing our shirts twice a year we needed to keep the machines running so we opened up the Apparel side for custom work for other business. Oh lawdy did that take off! Business’ loved working with us and letting us help them with their brand!


When I said the Apparel took off I wasn’t kidding, really the whole brand was taking off! We had so many different things ((and locations)) going on we knew we needed to decide the direction we were going. Boutique, Tee Line, Custom, Ranch, they all vibe off of each other, so in reality none of them would work without the other business. Which takes us to April 4, 2016.


April 2016 we purchased a much larger building right on the edge of Stephenville, TX. This place was massive, which meant it could house every part of our company including the quick growth our company was experiencing; all under one roof. ((Ok well except the ranch, that obviously is non movable)).


The front however was massive, WAY to big for just our boutique. That of course brought us to the next adventure The Twist. We turned the other half of the front in a Full Service Bar and Live Music Venue. With pool tables, celebrities constantly stopping in, artists performing, and of course shopping in the Boutique, our new venue simply gave people something to do during the day ((and night)).


BUT, the only way we make The Twist possible, was also add a radio station in the front. This is where Jody Lee Caudle comes in. He put his trust in us, and moved his entire operation of his online radio, Texas Home Grown Radio into his new studios at Twisted J. Hence, where all the artists and celebrities come from.


Overall our name says it all, we are literally all a little Twisted around here. Something exciting and new is literally happening all the time around here. You never know what each day will bring. Each employee is considered family and we couldn’t survive without each and everyone of them. We also couldn’t survive without YOU, our amazing customers and fans. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or just learned about us, you’ve definitely supported us and we THANK YOU.


Next week, I’ll go more in depth of The Twist & The Boutique and what led us to that crazy new adventure. Until then, SHOP 24/7 online @ www.getalittletwisted.com.


Much Love,

Bayli Johnson


P.S. I am for sure not a professional writer, so don’t judge =).


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  • Delia: February 19, 2018
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    Very well writen Bayli! It’s a pleasure to be part of your dream.

  • Mikayla: March 01, 2017
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    This was a good read Bayli!

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